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Kana 月子
Romaji Tsukiko
Personal Profile
Occupation College Student
Family Nagiko (Younger sister)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 8

Tsukiko writes erotic novels and has interest into Terumi Minamoto because she finds him as a good source material for her novel. She's close friend of Asahi Momozono. She has interest in relationship between Terumi Minamoto and his aunt, Kaoruko Fujiwara.


Tsukiko is a beautiful girl of medium stature, has purple eyes and long black hair up her back, with two small ponytails and a bow, and wears Gothic-Lolita dresses


Tsukiko seems to have a fascination with Shotacon and Erotic Novels



In her first encounter with Terumi, She hears him say that "he will become a man who only lives for sex", then she uses Terumi as a model to apply makeup and tells him to keep his secret. Time later she hears a conversation between Kaoruko and Terumi offering him her body and saying "she will stop at nothing for his investigation", to which Kaoruko decides to explain the situation by saying that she and Terumi "share a special relationship" because Terumi went to A school for males and did not have a mother, she decided to teach him about women using her body and also asks Tsukiko if she would be willing to do it with Terumi. Immediately afterwards she says that this would be the development of an erotic novel, Tsukiko then takes an interest in them to make them the source of material for her novel.


  • Although Kaoruko asked Tsukiko if she would be willing to do it with Terumi, making it the third target this is only a joke and the role of Tsukiko in the manga is a support
  • Her last name has not yet been said in the manga.
  • She appears for the first time in chapter 8 of the manga.

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