Terumi Minamoto
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Terumi Minamoto
Kana 源光海
Romaji Minamoto Terumi
Personal Profile
Occupation College Student
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Step Mother
Unnamed Half-Brother
Kaoruko Fujiwara (Aunt)
Asahi Momozono (Cousin)
Mrs. Momozono (Aunt)
Love Interest Asahi Momozono (1st)
Aoi Kiriyama (2nd)
Chisato Hanada (3rd)
Miya Rokujou (4th)
Kowaka Shian (5th)
Semi Iyo (6th)
Tokonatsu Yuu (7th)
Hana Suetsumu (8th)
Gen'nai Noriko (9th)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1

Terumi Minamoto (源光海 Minamoto Terumi) is the main protagonist of the story. Terumi suffers from gynophobia after being bullied by the girls in his middle school, who did several demeaning things to him, including showered him with rotten milk, and other forms of physical abuse. This led to him having a trauma of women. He now lives with his aunt Kaoruko Fujiwara when his father asked him to move out for their home when he remarried. He soon finds himself part of Kaoruko's research on The Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari) and must have sex with 14 women which will also help him in overcoming his fear of women. He is 18 years old at the start of the series and turned 19 years old in Chapter 207. His birthday is in December.


Terumi possesses a body figure unlike most men, and this figure has been depicted as resembling a woman. But what makes him stand out is his face, said to be as pretty as the girls. Due to this, he became a target of bullying in middle school


Terumi is shy and gentle. Due to his past he has a trauma with women. Despite his weakness, Terumi has been trying hard to overcome his fear by socializing with anyone possible, particularly with women.

He is easily embarrassed and quick to blush in situations involving women he is attracted to, from his aunt to his targets for the experiments. One of his flaws is that he tends to lose control in sexual situations, a trait that Kaoruko attempts to train out of him in order to quell it.

He can easily become attached to women, and is often times reluctant to move on to other targets while he still holds feelings for previous ones.

Terumi suffers from a mother complex, despite his own mother passing away when he was still a toddler. He is shown to have more attraction to older women, and likewise, older women seem to take more of an interest in him compared to women his own age or younger. Kaoruko at one point told him she found him "quite charming".

Terumi is still affected by the trauma from when was younger, as any remainder of it leads him to start shaking with fear.

As the series has progressed, Terumi has shown that he can be unexpectedly aggressive with women, though he still holds his timid nature.

History Edit

Terumi lost his mother when he still a toddler, so he barely remembers anything about her. However, he had an affinity for older women and was always attached to his attractive female teachers when he was a child.

He spent a lot of time with and was close to his cousin Asahi Momozono when growing up, so much that people thought of them as actual siblings.

When he was middle school, Terumi was picked on by his female classmates. The main reason being that the most popular boy considered Terumi the most beautiful in the school, which earned Terumi the ire of his female classmates, particularly Tsukasa Chuujou and her friends.

Terumi was tormented every day by having his uniform ripped up, afterward being forced to wear a female uniform, as well as having spoiled milk poured on him. This caused his eventual trauma when dealing with women. It is around this time he first came into contact with Miya Rokujou, who was a teacher in training when Terumi was in his second year of middle school.

He eventually wound up going to an all-boys high school.


Meeting the Aunt (Chapters 1 & 2) Edit

On the morning of his first day of university, Terumi is surprised when his father returns home with a woman he had never met before. To his shock, his father had impregnated this woman and declares her Terumi's new mother. However, due to the woman's family disowning her (most likely due to the pregnancy) his father decided that she will move into their house and that Terumi will have to move out to accommodate her.

Terumi's father requested help from his sister Kaoruko Fujiwara, even bowing before her. She agreed to let Terumi live with her. On Terumi's first day, he is immediately mistaken for a girl by people in the auditorium. He is greeted by his friend Murakami, who immediately expressed jealousy when he finds out he would be living with Kaoruko, as she is his perfect women.

After the first day is over, Terumi finally arrives at Kaoruko's house, who said that there was no need for rent due to his father begging so pathetically. She points out immediately that he has a pretty face and that he was likely picked on by girls because of it. She then asks him whether he hates women, and proceeds to expose her breasts to him and asks if he hates a woman's body as well. Terumi is shocked by the sudden exposure, and curses himself for feeling attracted to his own aunt. Kaoruko then asks him who his favorite character from the tale  of Genji is, and proceeds to ask him to become part of her research, stating she would cure Minamoto of his fear of women.


Kaoruko telling Terumi to become part of her research

After sitting down, Terumi asks what Kaoruko meant when she asked that he become part of her research. She told him to close his eyes and proceeded to kiss him. This was his first kiss, and it leaves him flustered. Terumi asks her what the goal of her research is. She states that the goal is gain a deeper understanding of the Tale of Genji by researching someone who is like Genji, in this case Terumi. She tells Terumi that he will have sex with every woman that works through the doors of her house, a total of 14 women, which shocks him.

The First Target (Chapters 3-29) Edit

The next day, Terumi meets his cousin Asahi, who is a 21-year-old senior at the university, for the first time since elementary school. Kaoruko informs him that she is his first target of the 14 women. Terumi initially tries to deny having any attraction to Asahi, insisting they are only cousins. However, Kaoruko flipped up Asahi's skirt (although Terumi was blamed), and Terumi reacted like a man attracted to a women would.

Terumi still can't believe that he has to pursue his cousin, but Kaoruko explains that it is because Asahi is his cousin that he must start there, since Terumi has no prior experience with women, and that Genji's first attempted conquest was his own cousin as well, Asagao no Kimi. Kaoruko even states that Terumi can use her own body to get used to a woman's body, although he is still skeptical of getting physically close with his aunt.

Terumi meets Asahi again at the university while he was wondering around checking out the girls on campus, realizing that Asahi is also "kinda pretty". He offers to help her put up fliers for the literature club since everyone else bailed on her and she is thankful for his help. Terumi then finds an h-manga for girls among all of Asahi's items, though she tries to shrug it off saying that all girls like that stuff.

Terumi finds himself reading similar manga to the one he found with Asahi. Kaoruko mentions that plenty of manga draw inspiration from The Tale of Genji. She then questions Terumi as to whether he's gotten closer to Asahi yet, and is disappointed to found out he hasn't yet. She begins to pressure him to take off his clothes so she can teach him the body of a woman. Just then Terumi receives a text from Asahi thanking him for earlier. Kaoruko states that Genji and Asagao no Kimi exchanged letters often in the Tale of Genji. She imposes a one week limit for Terumi to get closer to Asahi.

Terumi learns from Kaoruko that Asahi is a fujoshi, and that due to going to all-girls schools all her life, she is still a virgin and has never made friends (let alone had a relationship) with a man, and that Terumi is likely the first male she had ever sent a text to. Terumi, Kaoruko, and Asahi go out together to a restaurant, drawing gazes from men. Kaoruko asks Asahi to go on a date with Terumi, and while she initially refuses, Kaoruko bribes her with a position as a librarian (Asahi's dream job). The next day, Kaoruko asks Terumi if he has made up his mind clearly about Asahi, and that he had only been receiving instead of initiating up to now. Terumi surprisingly walks up to Kaoruko and kisses her suddenly, stating that he can also be proactive. Kaoruko notes that he has started to mature.

After accidentally finding a couple in the restroom having sex at his university, Terumi begins to trouble himself over kissing Kaoruko, and thinks of how badly he wants a girlfriend. Without thinking he yells out loud how he will become someone who lives for sex, but is overheard by Tsukiko, Asahi's best friend. Terumi screams over Tsukiko trying to tell Asahi what she just heard. The three of them then head to a room where Kaoruko conducts her seminars. Kaoruko arrives later when the two girls aren't there and proceeds to tell Terumi to be more assertive when he goes on his date with Asahi, even teasing him with her body to get the point across. 

Terumi & Asahi

Terumi and Asahi at the movies

On his date with Asahi at the movie theater, Terumi struggles with trying to hold her hand. He notices how big Asahi's breasts are as well. Frustrated with himself, Terumi decided to go for it and held her hand, but is surprised that Asahi has no reaction (in reality Asahi is frozen in surprise). Asahi accidentally spills her drink on her thighs, which makes Terumi more aroused. He finally gives in to his desires and kisses her. Completely paralyzed in shock afterward, Asahi doesn't react. However, Terumi loses control of himself and grabs Asahi's breasts, resulting in her slapping him and ending the date.

Terumi tells Kaoruko what happened. Disappointed, Kaoruko lets Terumi use her body once again to learn how to be with a woman. Terumi proceeded to suck on her breasts, although he felt bad about it afterward. Kaoruko tells Terumi not to give up on Asahi, or else he would be branded a loser who only lusted after his cousin.

Terumi received no response from Asahi for days despite him texting her constantly, although Kaoruko was able to meet her to talk to her about Terumi. This left Asahi flustered. Terumi finally waits for Asahi outside the school gates to try to apologize to her properly, but Asahi ignores him, instead sending him a text message telling him to come over to her house that weekend.

That weekend, Terumi goes to Asahi's house and has dinner with her and her mother (his other aunt). Asahi ignores him the whole time while his aunt dotes on him. Frustrated, Asahi retreats to her room, saying to herself that she only invited Terumi because her mom wanted him to come. Asahi falls asleep, but is awoken to the sound of Terumi knocking on her door. He prostrates himself before Asahi and asks for forgiveness, which he doesn't receive. Asahi proceeds to berate him for what he did, saying that he would have done what he did with with any girl in that situation. But he rebukes by saying that it was because it was Asahi he did what he did, saying that she is the only girl on his mind right now.

Asahi tries to kick him out, but he refuses to leave until he is forgiven. She calls out to her mom, but she is no longer in the house, meaning that only Terumi and Asahi are home. Terumi tells Asahi that she didn't push him away when he kissed her, which Terumi takes as there being feelings between them. Asahi tries to insult his virginity to get him to leave, but instead he insists that Asahi take's his virginity instead.

After pushing her down and pressing her up against the wall and gripping her, Terumi tries to convince Asahi to kiss him again. In conversation he reveals that his kiss with Asahi wasn't his first (Asahi lied and said it wasn't either). He is wondering why Asahi isn't resisting as hard anymore. He asks her to kiss him, but she refuses, so instead he nibbles on her ear, in which Asahi lets out a noise, which arouses him. Asahi tries to push Terumi off, but instead hits his boner with her leg, which surprises her. Terumi says that he will let her go if she lets him kiss her. She finally concedes, in the moment realizing that this situation is like Genji and Asagao no Kimi.

Terumi & Asahi kiss

Terumi kisses Asahi

After kissing for some time, Terumi proceeds to kiss Asahi all over her body, from her neck, to her stomach. Terumi was able to suck on her breasts for some time as well, despite the initial refusal. He tries to kiss her vaginal area (with her pants still on) but Asahi pushes him away, telling him to finally stop.

They both head downstairs, but Terumi cannot control his urges, and proceeds to hug her from behind, as well as complimenting her. He starts to nibble on her ear and kiss on her neck again. Asahi is unable to resist him, and eventually Terumi moves his hand down to her vagina, which has become aroused (although she denies it). Terumi sets her down and goes on to finger her and suck and lick on her breasts, and Asahi cannot get herself to shake him off. Terumi aggressively bites her nipple, which prompts a slap from Asahi.

Terumi laments that he couldn't make Asahi feel good, but she only asks if he could be more gentle. They go up to Asahi's room. After going upstairs, Asahi says that he still has the wrong idea. But he refuses to listen to her words, saying that she would have stopped it earlier if she really didn't want to. He forces her down and begins to strip her pants off, but in that moment Asahi's mother returns, along with Kaoruko who had called her earlier. Terumi tries to get Asahi alone again, but is refused. After leaving, Kaoruko slaps Terumi, saying that he lost control and that is why they couldn't go all the way. Though she states he did well enough for a first attempt.

That night Terumi tells Kaoruko all about what happened between him and Asahi earlier. She tells him that he needs to keep himself more in control in order for her experiment to continue smoothly. She also tells Terumi that she will introduce him to the second target soon. Also, due to sexual frustration, Terumi masturbated with Kaoruko in mind for the first time.

The next day, while he's in class, Asahi texts Terumi to come meet her outside behind the gym. He tries to talk to her by complimenting her, but Asahi doesn't say anything about it. She begins to talk about how something was wrong with her the night before and to not misunderstand her. She yells at Terumi for being red in the face and calls him a pervert, but he points out her face is just as red. She says that lately she has been thinking a lot about him, and that it is strange to think about Terumi as someone she could be in love with. She asks him how he wants things to be from now on. Terumi says that he would like to go out with Asahi. However, Asahi states that she has one condition if they were to go out, she won't ever have sex with Terumi. He denies the condition almost instantly, saying that a platonic relationship is impossible. She then says that although she doesn't dislike him, she doesn't want to do those kinds of things, and rejects him.

Terumi is upset after the falling out. Kaoruko tells him that she will introduce him to the second target, stating that in order to be able to win over Asahi, he needs the second target to introduce her to a rival, which will lead her to accept her feelings. She tells Terumi that Asahi is probably pleasuring herself to the thought of him, which surprises him. Kaoruko then tells him that he needs more training as the second target is quite stimulating.

The Second Target (Chapters 30-49)Edit

To prepare Terumi for the second target, Kaoruko decides to have him sleep in the same bed as her for the night but under one condition, he cannot lay a hand on her. Terumi is still sexually frustrated from the failed night with Asahi and can't keep himself from lusting after her. Kaoruko says that she's relieved Terumi is behaving the way he is, saying that some men react to being rejected by saying they won't get involved with women again. She says that she wants Terumi to lust after girls, but to also know how to reject them. He says that it is easy to reject women, which prompts Kaoruko to kiss him abruptly. After kissing him for some time, Kaoruko asks Terumi if he wants to do it with her, which he rejects (complying with the training). She then turns over to go to sleep. He tries his best to keep from touching but ultimately can't. He tries to suck on her breastsb before Kaoruko wakes up and throws him off. She says that Terumi will never have sex at this rate. Terumi asks Kaoruko if women desire sex, pointing out how Asahi wanted a platonic relationship. She tells him that the answer lies with the second target, who she will introduce to him in a few days, and that he'll finally lose his virginity.

When returning from university after meeting with Murakami, Terumi catches an elevator who happens to have an attractive woman on it that is going to the same floor as him. He instantly realizes how beautiful she is. After they reach their stop, she turns around and looks at Terumi, and points out how he looks like a girl. She asks him for his name. She is surprised to hear the name Minamoto, and tells him that he is just as pretty as Kaoruko had told her.

Both the woman and Terumi meet up with Kaoruko. The woman's name is revealed to be Aoi Kiriyama, a 24-year-old owner of a nail salon. She puts fake nails on Terumi, while maintaining an uptight tone when he questions her about it. During small talk between the two women, Kaoruko points out how Aoi doesn't have time to do chores at home due to her job. Terumi without hesitation offers to help with her household chores. Aoi takes him up on the offer. Kaoruko whispers to him to capture her heart like Genji would.

The following day, Terumi goes at Aoi's house. He notices how the style of her home is much more elegant than Kaoruko's. She asks him to throw things away, including things such as proposals from hopeful men, and she berates Terumi when he questions her. Terumi recalls his aunt's words about how Aoi resembles Aoi no Ue from the Tale of Genji, someone who is cold and unfriendly.

The chore assigned to Terumi is to sort trash, and to separate bottles from the contents. He notices that it's going to be a lot of work, but decides to keep his word and try his best. Aoi tells him he only has that day to finish. He was finally able to finish after half a day, and Aoi decides to reward him for his efforts. She tells him to go take a shower. While in the shower Terumi remains hopeful that he can finally lose his virginity, while also not losing control like usual.

After inviting Terumi into her room, Aoi asks him directly if he wants to do it with her. Terumi responds yes immediately. She says that she's taken a liking to him, and that she would make him her "toy". While disgruntled at first, Terumi eventually accepts when she says he could do whatever he wants to her body. His first order is to strip in front of her. Terumi is hesitant to do so initially, but Aoi tells him to hurry up. Not sure of what to do, he asks that Aoi strip him instead. Aoi is surprised by this, but eventually does strip his top clothes, calling Terumi "an interesting kid".

After Terumi strips naked, they move to Aoi's bedroom. He is still embarrassed about having stripped, while noting that Aoi seems like a real sadist. Aoi suddenly receives a text message, and is upset by its contents. Sighing to herself, she lays down on Terumi's lap. When he expresses concern for her, she tells him not to misunderstand, and that he is only a "substitute", saying that she always lays on a lap when watching a movie, and that the reward is off if he does anything funny. Terumi starts to feel more embarrassed due to Aoi laying on him, but then notices Aoi shedding a tear. He assumes it is because of the text, and pats her head to try and comfort her. Aoi berates him, but he says that he can't just sit there while she cries. In a reversal of attitude, she tells him to continue, and they eventually end up kissing. She continues to kiss Terumi and then embraces him, and then starts to ask if she can continue. But just before they can proceed, she receives another text message. After reading this message, she becomes happy, and tells Terumi to leave. He returns home frustrated, but is told by Kaoruko that Aoi has a father complex, and that the text is from her father, who is a famous world-renowned CEO. Kaoruko says that Aoi will not acknowledge any men aside from her father, and that Terumi is nothing more than a "pet" for Aoi to take comfort in.

Aoi doesn't contact Terumi for about a week. Terumi realizes he's only been with older women so far, and wonders why that is, remembering how he was drawn to his female teachers when he was a child. Kaoruko interrupts his thoughts and tells him he has a mother complex. She told him not to be offended by it, as Genji had one as well from not having a mother. She states that Terumi is the same and that is why he is drawn to older women, saying that she will turn that into a weapon for her research. She tells Terumi to go have Aoi spoil him plenty.

During the week, Terumi heads over to Murakami's house, who is jealous when he hears Terumi describe his love life as that of a "slave", and begs Terumi to let him visit his house that always has beautiful women (Kaoruko and Aoi) in it. After leaving, he mutters to himself about how much he wants to see Aoi again in order to to get his reward.  As he's walking down the street, Aoi unexpectedly pulls up in an expensive looking car. She invites him out to eat, telling him that it's a surprise where they're going. After driving for almost 20 minutes, Terumi is upset he can't think up a conversation to have with her, and suddenly becomes aroused when looking at her more closely. Aoi asks if sex is the only think on his mind, and he shamefully admits it. She grabs his hand and tells him to be more demanding. They arrive at a cheap ramen shop, which catches Terumi by surprise, and he admits he didn't expect to come to that type of place. Aoi admits she doesn't often come to that type of store. After overhearing a conversation about food choices and sexual preferences, Terumi starts to blush in embarrassment, though Aoi says that things like become clear by just doing it. After leaving the shop, Terumi asks why Aoi why she brought him there. She says that although the restaurant is nothing special, she went there with her father quite a bit, and that she sometimes feels like eating there due to nostalgia. Terumi asks her if the "substitute" that he is standing in for is her father. Aoi readily admits that he is, and that she has a father complex. On the drive back, she admits that she is weird, but doesn't plan to change. She points out how Terumi has a mother complex as well. She asks him whether he prefers bigger breasts, since they are more "mother-like". Terumi wonders whether Aoi is concerned about the size of her own breasts, and states that a woman's charm does not come from her breasts. Aoi gives him a look and reminds him that his reward hasn't been paid off yet. She pulls over into a parking lot and begins to tease Terumi.

They return to Aoi's mansion, and while still in the parking lot they begin kissing with Aoi mounted on top of Terumi. Aoi asks Terumi if he would stop if she asked him to, and he tells her that he would. Terumi asks her what he is to her. She responds that he is a pet, and that she is rewarding him for listening so obediently. He then licks her face which surprises her. Aoi then asks that he lick her fingers as well. She giggles and compares Terumi to a dog she used to have, and how he looks just like a dog who is always wanting something. Terumi notices Aoi begin to have a sad look, and asks her if anything happened between her and her father. She says that she met him earlier before meeting up with Terumi. She tells him that nothing of note happened, just her telling him how she was. But she says that she won't be able to see him again until the following year. She realizes that what she said was insensitive, since Terumi has no way of seeing his mother. He tells her not to fret over it, saying that it happened before he was old enough to realize what had happened. Aoi suggests moving to her room, but Terumi suddenly presses his face up against her chest, saying he won't back off because his "master" looks sad. Aoi calls him disobedient and that he is in need of training.

They head to Aoi's room. She says they will begin their "training", but Terumi comes up behind Aoi and grabs her breasts. He tries to unbutton and take off her shirt, but can't do it. Aoi mentions how forceful he's gotten all of a sudden. she asks if it's his first time doing it. Terumi asks Aoi to teach him. They move to the bed, and Aoi tells him that he cannot lay his hands on her, and that he will follow her orders. Terumi says it's impossible to not put his hands on her, but she starts to tease him. She continues to tease him, telling Terumi that bad kids need proper training. He is trying his best to hold himself back.

Aoi continues to tease Terumi, including his nipples, before kissing him. Terumi tries to move, but Aoi calls him out on it. He asks her to touch him "down there" but she refuses, saying that she only takes orders from her fahter. Terumi is upset she mentioned her father again. Aoi asks Terumi how he feels about Kaoruko, commenting how she has big breasts and is motherlike, and asks who he'd rather do it with. Terumi pushes her down and says that Aoi is the one he wants to do it with. Aoi embraces and kisses him. Terumi begins get aggressive, going after her breasts even as she tells him to stop. Aoi cuts him off, saying that she doesn't like disobedient kids and that he is acting too spoiled. Terumi says that he does want to be spoiled by Aoi. Aoi looks at him confusedly and asks what he wants. He says he wants to go all the way. Before Aoi can respond, Terumi attempts to go down on her. He continues to go down on her (with panties still on). Terumi begins to gain confidence in his abillity, but Aoi says it was no good. She tells him to close his eyes. She proceeds to tie up his hands, saying that he won't listen to her unless she does this. Terumis asks her if she's angry. She replys that she isn't, but that stupid pets need training. Terumi regrets his actions from before. She asks if he's ever been tied up before, and he says he yes. Aoi then starts to take off her panties. She throws the panties next to Terumi and then mounts him. He becomes more and more aroused as she sits on top of him with no underwear. He is frustrated and being bound. Aoi asks if he's past his limit, and tells him to be obedient. Terumi begins panting heavily. Aoi smiles at him, saying that her "switch" was turned on as well. She takes off his belt, and asks if she should stop the teasing. Terumi says yes, and Aoi says she will if Terumi promises do only do as she tells him. She turns off the lights and has Terumi go down on her again (with no panties this time).  Aoi continues to instruct him to what to do while going down on her, but he can't tell whether she's enjoying it or not. Terumi asks if he can use his hands, but Aoi refuses, so she has him continue licking her. He continues for some time, and curious to see how Aoi looks he goes up and looks at her face, which is in ecstasy while she pants. She says that it wasn't too bad for his first time. She tells him to lay down and that she'll give him a reward.

Aoi unzips Terumi's pants and begins touching his penis, commenting how stiff it is. Terumi is almost at his limit. She asks if he has a condom with him, which he does. He manages to get it on, but his hands are still tied. Aoi tells him to do it like that. He begins sucking on Aoi's breasts, and she comments on how much he loves them. She asks if he likes hers even though they aren't as big as Kaoruko's. Terumi says that the size of breasts doesn't matter, but whether they feel good. She smiles and says that with Terumi she might show herself to him. But she says that she has a condition, and asks that Terumi not laugh at her. Terumi promises that he won't. Aoi mounts Terumi and inserts it. After they start, Aoi begins yelling "Daddy". Terumi doesn't here her for a while as he is lost in ecstasy from losing his virginity. Terumi gets upset that he is still considered a substitute for Aoi, and goes limp. Aoi gets upset that they can't keep doing it and just lays down and turns over, while Terumi can't figure out why he went limp and can't get it back up. Aoi mentions to herself how he is a "sloppy boy". Terumi returns home the next day unsure whether he truly lost his virginity. Kaoruko tells him to come to her next lecture.

Meeting with Tsukiko and Asahi (Chapters 50-55)Edit

Terumi goes to Kaoruko' lecture, which he thinks is supremely well detailed, which leads him to ask himself why she even needs him for her research. After the lecture, after reading up on Aoi no Ue from the Tale of Genji, Terumi laments what transpired with Aoi. Kaoruko (who is drawing gazes from many men) spots him and calls him over to sit with her. She comments how she gets a lot of sexual harrassment on a day like this. Terumi continues to stare at his aunt with lewd eyes, though she doesn't mind. Kaoruko mentions how Terumi must be "comforting" himself every night to the image of Aoi, and Terumi admits it through a slip of the tongue. Kaoruko tells Terumi that even though Aoi used the word "Daddy" during sex, what she really wanted was to be held and accepted since she worries about her father complex. But she says that Terumi did well enough, and offers her body as his to use again for "training", saying that although he is her nephew she won't stop trying to advance her research. Tsukiko happens to overhear their conversation. Kaoruko notices Tsukiko, and asks how long she had been listening. They sit down and Tsukiko says that despite hearing everything, she won't tell anyone. Kaouko tells her that Terumi and she share a special relationship, and goes on to tell of how Terumi uses her body for training and that she has introduced Terumi to women. Tsukiko becomes flustered, then Kaoruko asks if she would want to do it with Terumi. This surprises both Terumi and Tsukiko, but Kaoruko goes on to play it off as a lie, saying that drawing inspiration from the Tale of Genji to enrich her "fake" story. Terumi is impressed at Kaoruko's way of telling the truth in order to hide the truth. Kaoruko then gets a work related call, leaving Terumi and Tsukiko alone. Terumi gets up to leave, but Tsukiko tells him to stay as she's always wanted to talk with him face-to-face.

While conversing, Tsukiko brings up the time Terumi shouted that he would be a master of sex, which he remains embarrassed about, though she tones it down since they're in a public place. She asks Terumi what he'd been doing for the last month, and why he hadn't come to the seminar room even though she had waited for him there. She mentions that Asahi had not helped her in trying to get in touch with him. Tsukiko also wants to learn more about his life living with Kaoruko. Tsukiko mentions how it's become much easier to talk to Terumi. They continue their lengthy conversation even after leaving the restaurant. Terumi mentions how Hikaru Genji was the enemy of women, but Tsukiko disagrees, saying that a man like Genji is much more charming then someone who just plays cool and would want a platonic relationship, saying that he feels more human (although he is a fictional character). Terumi mentally notes how different Tsukiko is from Asahi in her way of thinking. As they walk to the train station, Terumi catches a glimpse of Tsukiko's nape, thinking to himself how beautiful it is. He realizes how sexually frustrated he is since he is blushing and over someones neck. Tsukiko notices what he was doing and calls him a pervert. Terumi tries to defend himself by saying that Tsukiko is an erotic novelist, so she must understand his feelings a bit. She retorts while embarrassed that although she does read and write perverted stories, they're all made up. She then hesitantly asks Terumi if he would read the erotic novel she is currently writing, saying that although she writes for women a real erotic novel should aim for both genders. They exchange phone numbers. Terumi tells Kaoruko, but she mentions how Tsukiko isn't the third target.

Terumi and Tsukiko agree to meet the next day. Terumi recalls Kaoruko telling him how he can use his new friendship with Tsukiko to get closer to Asahi. To his surprise, Asahi comes along with Tsukiko to meet him. It was the first time they had seen each other since Terumi was at her house. They went to an internet cafe that Tsukiko knew of. Terumi and Asahi don't interact at all, as Tsukiko discusses her novel with Terumi and asks for his critiques. Asahi begins to get bored and wonders whether she's actually just of Terumi and Tsukiko. Asahi leaves and returns to find Terumi alone and is immediately suspicious of him. He says that Tsukiko went to explore the store, however Asahi is still wary of him. She sits in the furthest seat away from him with her back turned to ignore him. Terumi notices her braline showing from her dress and becomes aroused, and curses himself for thinking such things. All of sudden, they both hear noises coming from the room next door. It's the sound of a couple having sex. Asahi tries to play it off as someone with a cold, but Terumi knows she knows what's happening. As they both become increasingly flustered, Terumi bangs on the wall to quiet them down. 

Tsukiko returns and notices both of their faces are bright red. Assuming she was interrupting something, she tries to leave, but Asahi stops her. On the way back from the cafe, the three of them run into Aoi. Aoi greets Terumi with a smile, then makes eye contact with Asahi and Tsukiko. Terumi has no idea what to say. Aoi gives the girls a quick glare and then says goodbye to Terumi. Tsukiko questions Terumi on who she is, while Asahi tells herself she'd never be able to get along with Aoi due to her "stuck up attitude". Terumi informs Kaoruko of what happened with the girls and their meeting. She suggests that it's time for Terumi to move onto the third target soon. While Terumi can't imagine moving to the third target without having progressed far enough with the first two, Kaoruko says she can't have him give up on either Asahi or Aoi yet. She then tells him she got something interesting from Terumi's father, his middle school album. Terumi's face loses all color instantly.

Conquering the Past (Chapters 56-66) Edit

Terumi recollects his middle school memories of being bullied by girls. Kaoruko snaps Terumi back to the present. Kaoruko says that Terumi's father (her brother) told her about how Terumi came home from school often with a torn uniform. She compares women who act like that to low court women from the Tale of Genji, women who never got Genji's attention. Kaoruko says that it's fine to start on the third girl, but states how Genji wouldn't stop at just capturing the hearts of 14 women. She points to a photo in the yearbook, and Terumi flinches, indicating that it was her who was his bully. Her name is Tsukasa Chuujou and she is in the liberal arts college of the university. Kaoruko even has a picture of what she looks like now. She asks Terumi, that although it would be okay not to meet up with her, why is it that he wanted to become popular with women? Terumi knows, it's to get over his trauma from middle school. He remembers more things from his past regarding Tsukasa. Tsukasa, who was considered the prettiest girl in the school, said that her crush rejected because he thought Terumi was the most beautiful person in the school. She says that Terumi's very existence is an enemy of girls. Tsukasa and her friends proceeded to bully Terumi until the end of middle school. Terumi wonders if he'll be able to confront her all due to his trauma.

The next day, while eating lunch with Murakami, Terumi shows him a picture of Tsukasa and asks if he knows her. Murakami say he does and that they are in the same language class. Murakami notices Tsukasa in the cafeteria and points her out. She haves back at Murakami, and sees Terumi and thinks that he looks familar, but can't remember. Terumi tells Murakami that he and Tsukasa attended the same middle school. Terumi recollects what Kaoruko told him the day before, that she knew something about Tsukasa and that Terumi should go to the old school building in the evening to find out. Murakami says that Tsukasa is quite popular and although many men have tried to ask her out, she's rejected them all. Terumi is surprised at her good reputation, as he thought she turn out to be a real bitch.

Terumi goes by the old school building, and when he peers into a window, he sees Tsukasa kissing and sitting in the lap of an older man. She calls him Sensei, implying that he is a teacher at the university. Terumi catches on that they are having an affair as Tsukasa mentions the man's wife. Terumi tells himself to move away, but he can't move. He keeps watching them, and gets aroused enough to the point he starts to masturbate. Tsukasa notices Terumi watching, however, and goes outside to confront him. Terumi is able to zip his zipper back up before she gets outside. When she sees Terumi she tells him not to tell anyone what he saw. He calls out her name instinctively, but she becomes confused. She doesn't recognize Terumi, which leaves him shocked. He reports to Kaoruko later, and she tells him it's not surprising that Tsukasa forgot about him. She also tells him that the man Tsukasa was with is a professor at the university and the son of the chairman. She mentions how he has a family and is really popular with the female students.

Kaoruko says that she wants to ease Terumi's "excitement" and offers to do it with him on school grounds. She tells him no one would be coming to the seminar room that day. Terumi struggles to hold himself back, but he can't. He pushes down Kaoruko and starts to kiss her. Kaoruko asks him if he's actually excited over her or if he is still thinking about Tsukasa. Terumi laments himself for losing control again. Kaoruko tells him that the reason he loses control so easily is probably due to the bullying he endured at Tsukasa's hand. She asks him if he wants revenge on Tsukasa. Terumi says he doesn't, but wonders about if he could make Tsukasa's heart his. Kaoruko says that the current Terumi could easily seduce her, since women are weak against men who can overcome their past.

Terumi ponders for over six days whether he should seek out Tsukasa or wait for her to come to him. He recalls Kaoruko's words of how Tsukasa is looking down on him, but he knows her secret, and she's sure that Tsukasa will apprroach him first. She tells Terumi to not get shaken and to give her the cold shoulder, as it is key for him to get closer to her later.

Trivia Edit

  • His surname Minamoto is literary based on Hikaru Genji from the The Tale of Genji.
  • Minamoto is actually the surname of his mother's family, which is why his father and Kaoruko have different surnames. Terumi's father took his first wife's surname when he married her.

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