Terumi Minamoto
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Terumi Minamoto
Kana 源光海
Romaji Minamoto Terumi
Personal Profile
Occupation College Student
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Step Mother
Unnamed Half-Brother
Kaoruko Fujiwara (Aunt)
Asahi Momozono (Cousin)
Love Interest Asahi Momozono (1st)
Aoi Kiriyama (2nd)
Chisato Hanada (3rd)
Miya Rokujou (4th)
Kowaka Shian (5th)
Semi Iyo (6th)
Tokonatsu Yuu (7th)
Hana Suetsumu (8th)
Gen'nai Noriko (9th)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1

Terumi Minamoto (源光海 Minamoto Terumi) is the main protagonist of the story. Terumi suffers from gynophobia after being bullied by the girls in his middle school, who did several demeaning things to him, including showered him with rotten milk, and other forms of physical abuse. This leads him to fear both women and milk. He now lives with his aunt Kaoruko Fujiwara when his father asked him to move out for their home when he remarried. He soon finds himself part of Kaoruko's research on The Tales of Genji (Genji Monogatari) and must have sex with 14 women which will also help him in curing his gynophobia.


Terumi possesses a body figure like any ordinary men. What makes him different is his baby face, said to be as pretty as the girls. Due to this, he became a bully subject by most girls in extreme jealousy.


Terumi is a man who is both shy and gentle. To add to the insult, his past trauma with women made him suffer a social disorder towards women. Regardless of his weakness, Terumi is a hardworking guy who is trying to overcome his fear by socializing with anyone possible, particularly the girls.

Recently, Terumi has become more confident being around girls and is more sexually aggressive shown when he tries to have sex with Asahi and objects to Kaoruko's "training" for his interaction with the girls.



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