Shian Kowaka
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Shian Kowaka
Kana 小若 紫亜
Romaji Kowaka Shian
Personal Profile
Occupation 5th Grade Student
Love Interest Terumi Minamoto
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 114

Shian is Terumi's fifth target. A ten year old girl.


She has a very innocent, polite and cute personality.


She first appears on the beach, Kaoruko chose her because she wanted Terumi to become more used to younger women after his bad experience with Miya Rokujou, although she has yet to be seen as a sex target.

She reappears later when she got lost trying to find Kaoruko, but because the university section is larger than the elementary section, Terumi spend some time with her and developed a bond more similar to brother and sister, rather than lovers.Her cuteness is noted by many, including Terumi's friend Murakami and Terumi's sixth target; Semi Iyo.