Chisato Hanada
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Chisato Hanada
Kana 花田 千里
Romaji Hanada Chisato
Personal Profile
Occupation Shiun Soba
Home Economics Major 1st Year
Family Older Sister
Love Interest Terumi Minamoto
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 68 A Plain Girl

Chisato Hanada is Terumi's third target. She is 18 years old and attends the same university as Terumi.


Hanada is a plain and shy girl with a fear of men. She developed this fear due to teasing and sexual harrassment about her large breasts during her 4th grade year in school. Due to this, she has little to no experience with the opposite sex and doesn't understand how men think.


Hanada had a hard time growing up because of her large breasts forcing her parents to have the other kids to stop hanging around her. She started wearing a bra when she was in the 4th grade.


Hanada works at Shiun Soba and has trouble facing men due to the fact that boys tease her for having to start wearing a bra in the Grade 4. She is the one of the fourteen women that Terumi must conquer. She is same as 'Hanachirusato' , The one that eased GENJI NO KIMI'S heart the most. Kaoruko mentions in chapter 72 that Hanada's breasts are even bigger then her own. On multiple occassions (almost every day, by Hanada's estimations) her sister gropes her breasts and comments on how their size has changed.

Kaoruko introduced Terumi to Hanada under the pretense of curing Hanada's fear of men, when in fact she wanted to continue her research using Terumi. After a short, awkward dinner, Kaoruko suggests that the two start casual dating for around a month to learn about each other and cure Hanada's fear of men.