Asahi Momozono
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Asahi Momozono
Kana 桃園 朝日
Romaji Momozono Asahi
Personal Profile
Occupation College Student
Family Terumi Minamoto (Cousin)
Kaoruko Fujiwara (Aunt)
Love Interest Terumi Minamoto
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 3

Asahi is Terumi's cousin and Kaoruko's niece.

Appearance Edit

A beautiful girl of average height with short brown hair and brown eyes. As noted by Terumi, her bust is rather large, although not nearly as large as Kaoruko's.

Personality Edit


She dreams of becoming a librarian and loves to read manga. She is the first of the fourteen women that Terumi must conquer. Asahi went on a date with Terumi unknowing that she was Terumi's first target. On their date at a movie theater, Terumi took her very first kiss and grabbed her breasts. Then in Asahi's house they nearly had sex but were stopped when Asahi's mother and Kaoruko came home. It is also shown that Asahi and Terumi were very close with one another when they were young treating each other like siblings but drifted away when they got older. When Asahi started to the have feelings for Terumi and grows to be attracted to him, but fears that Terumi only wants to have sex with her but not really loves her. She asks Terumi to have a platonic relationship with her to which Terumi refuses. It's also shown that her feelings for Terumi are not platonic and that she was masturbating while thinking about him.

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